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[Title] Agreement on Environmental Cooperation between the Government of the Republic of Korea and the Government of the People's Republic of China

[Place] Beijing, China
[Date] Signed at Beijing October 28, 1993 Entered into force November 27, 1993
[Source] Ministry of Foreign Affairs of ROK
[Full text]

The Government of the Republic of Korea and the Government of the People's Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as "the Parties"),

Noting that the global environmental degradation poses serious threats to the survival of mankind,

Recognizing the urgent need of the global efforts to prevent environmental deterioration and to achieve the environmentally sound and sustainable development,

Believing that the cooperation between the Parties in the field of environment is of mutual benefit for addressing the environmental challenges and is essential for the protection and improvement of the regional and global environment, and

Considering that preventive measures should serve as important elements in the cooperative activities of the Parties to minimize the possible adverse effects of environmental damages,

Have agreed as follows:

Article 1

1.On the basis of equality and mutual benefit, the Parties shall encourage and promote cooperation in the field of environmental protection.

2.The principal objective of this cooperation is to provide better opportunities to exchange information, technology and experience related to the environmental protection and to collaborate on the issues of mutual interest.

Article 2

Cooperative activities under this Agreement shall include the following forms:

1.Exchange of data, information, technology and materials relating to the environmental protection;

2.Exchange of environmental experts and officials;

3.Organization of joint seminars, symposia and meetings on general or specific environmental issues;

4.Implementation of joint research on subjects of mutual interest, including joint assessment of environmental impact;

5.Other forms of cooperation as may be mutually agreed upon.

Article 3

Cooperation, if mutually agreed upon, may be undertaken in the following areas pertaining to environmental protection and


1.Pollution abatement and control, which comprise: air pollution control, including control of emissions from mobile and stationary sources; water pollution control, including municipal and industrial waste water treatment and total load control of water pollutants; coastal and marine pollution control; agricultural runoff and pesticide control; solid waste management and resource recovery; control of transboundary movement and disposal of hazardous solid wastes; management of toxic chemicals; noise abatement; conservation of biodiversity; management of environment and natural resources;

2.Contribution to the protection and improvement of sub-regional, regional, and global environment;

3.Other areas of environmental protection nd improvement.

Article 4

1.In order to coordinate and facilitate cooperative activities under this Agreement, the Parties shall establish a Joint Committee on Environmental Cooperation (hereinafter referred to as "the Committee") consisting of the representatives designated by each Party.

2.The Committee shall meet, in principle, annually where appropriate in Korea and in China alternately on the date to be agreed upon through diplomatic channels. The frequency of the Committee's meeting may be reduced or increased according to the actual situation.

3.The Committee shall perform the following functions:

a.to discuss matters relating to the implementation of this Agreement;

b.to monitor and review the progress of the implementation of this Agreement; and

c.to recommend to the Parties specific measure for enhancement of the cooperation under this Agreement.

4.Appropriate consultations, when the Committee is not in session, shall be conducted through diplomatic channels.

Article 5

With a view to facilitating the bilateral cooperation, the Parties shall encourage, where appropriate, the conclusion of supplementary arrangements between the government agencies, research institutes, universities and enterprise specifying the terms and conditions of particular cooperative programmes and projects, the procedures to be followed, and other appropriate matters.

The treatment of intellectual property rights arising from the cooperative activities under this Areement shall be provided for in such arrangements.

Article 6

1.The Parties shall bear the expenses to be incurred in conjunction with the implementation of the cooperative programmes and projects between their government agencies or institutes under this Agreement on the basis of equality and in accordance with the availability of assets.

2.Each Party shall provide the nationals of the other Party with the appropriate assistance essential for the implementation of the cooperative activities under this Agreement.

Article 7

1.Nothing in this Agreement shall affect the obligations of the Parties deriving from any treaty, convention, regional or international agreement relating to the protection of environment.

2.Cooperative activities under this Agreement including the conclusion of such supplementary arrangements as referred to in Article 5 shall be undertaken in accordance with applicable laws and regulations of each country.

Article 8

1.This Agreement shall enter into force thirty days after the date of signature and remain in force for a period of five years.

2.This Agreement shall be automatically renewed for successive periods of five years, unless either Party notifies the other Party six months in advance in writing of its intention to terminate this Agreement.

3.The termination of this Agreement shall not affect the completion of any project or program being undertaken under this Agreement and not fully executed at the time of the termination of this Agreement.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the undersigned, being duly authorized by their respective Governments, have signed this Agreement.

DONE in duplicate at Beijing this 28th day of October 1993

in the Korean, Chinese and English languages, all three versions being equally authentic. In case of any divergence of interpretation, the English version shall prevail.



Han Sung-joo



Qian Qichen