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[Title] UNFCCC's COP16 Ambassador Mr. Mitsuo Sakaba's Note to the Executive Secretary

[Place] Cancun
[Date] December 10, 2010
[Source] Ministry of Foreign Affair of Japan
[Full text]

10 December, 2010

Mrs. Cristiana Figueres

Executive Secretary of the UNFCCC

Japan confirms its readiness to achieve its target for emission reduction of GHG in 2020 in accordance with the Copenhagen Accord.

The submission of the target, dated 26th of January 2010, is premised on a new, fair and effective international framework.

The Government of Japan would like to make it abundantly clear that it does not have any intention to be under obligation of the second commitment period of the Kyoto Protocol after 2012. The target submitted by Japan in accordance with the Copenhagen Accord is only relevant in the negotiation of AWG-LCA not in the AWG-KP.

Sincerely yours,

Ambassador for COP16 of the UNFCCC

Mitsuo Sakaba