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[Title] Remarks by Mr. Nagamine, Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry, Japan. (G20 Digital Economy Minister's Meeting)

[Date] September 1, 2022
[Source] Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
[Notes] downloaded on November 16, 2022
[Full text]

- First, I would like to express my deep gratitude to the Indonesian Presidency's great efforts to build cooperation among G20 in the face of geopolitical challenges on global and regional economy and security.

- I wish to emphasize that access to data is vital in creating the opportunities and benefits of the digital economy. We need to enhance cross-border data flow while addressing the concerns about privacy, security, and IPR. This, in turn, requires vast coordination of data-related regulations among countries.

- Building upon the history of G20 discussions, Japan will take a leadership to operationalize the Data Free Flow with Trust. This requires the methods to enhance interoperability across the different ways of data governance, and transparency of regulations. In so doing, Japan will also establish an international institutional arrangement to promote a new governance utilizing advanced technologies such as PETs to reduce the cost paid by all actors including business and civil societies.

- Japan will continue to contribute to the development and integrity of the digital economy based on respect for fundamental values. In closing, let me repeat my admiration to Indonesian Presidency's great efforts and patience. Thank you very much.