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[Title] Advertisement of the Start of the AWF Project in the Philippines

[Date] August 14, 1996
[Source] Digital Museum: Comfort Women Issue and Asian Women's Fund
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The Asian Women's Fund(AWF) will disburse a sum of money to offer atonement from the Japanese people to meet moral responsibility to those who suffered as "wartime comfort women. " A letter will also be sent from the Prime Minister of Japan to the recipients of the above-mentioned sum. The privacy of each recipient will be protected.

Eligibility: Surviving former "wartime comfort women" as of July 1995 (the date of establishment of the AWF and, if deceased since aforementioned date, a representative of the bereaved family(namely spouse and children), subject to recognition as such through the regular procedure, shall be eligible.

Period of Application : Five Years from the publication of this announcement

Inguiry : Please call Telephone No. 896-82-68

(10-12 a.m. and 2-5 p.m., except on Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays).

Postal Box Office No. 4705

Makati Central Post Office

Makati City, Philippines

Those who meet the eligibility criteria are requested to obtain application form from the above mentioned inquiry points, and to submit or return the completed forms within the period of application.



The Asian Women's Fund

and Former President

House of Councillors

The Japanese Diet