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[Title] Opening Statement by Prime Minister Junichiro Koizumi, 10th EU-Japan Summit Meeting (Joint Press Conference)

[Place] Bonn
[Date] December 8, 2001
[Source] The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
[Full text]

I would like to thank Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt of the Kingdom of Belgium, President Romano Prodi of the European Commission and all the representatives on the EU side for inviting me here today, despite it being a Saturday. This year marks the 10th anniversary of the adoption of the European Community-Japan Joint Declaration, and the first year of the "Decade of Japan-Europe Cooperation." I am pleased to have had the opportunity for a frank exchange of views with the leaders of the EU on a wide range of issues in this remarkable year. We had a meaningful exchange of views on issues important to both Japan and the EU, including counter-terrorism measures, the Afghanistan issue and the situation in the Middle East. The Meeting resulted in the adoption of an Action Plan for EU-Japan Cooperation and a guideline for Japan-EU cooperation over the next ten years. We also issued an EU-Japan Joint Declaration on Terrorism. It demonstrates to the world the firm will and resolve of Japan and the EU regarding the eradication of terrorism and our solidarity with the international community, including the United States of America.

Based on the achievements of this Summit Meeting, I will work to advance the idea of mutual support to each other's region and promote multi-phase and action-oriented cooperation in various areas between Japan and the EU.

In particular, EU-Japan cooperation in relation to the reconstruction of Afghanistan is vital today. Japan welcomes the agreement on the establishment of the interim authority of Afghanistan, which came as a result of the recent conference in Bonn in the Federal Republic of Germany with representatives from the various Afghan parties. I will work to ensure the success of the preparatory meeting in Brussels this month and the Ministerial-level Meeting in Japan next month.

As the world economy undergoes deceleration, both Japan and the EU, whose combined economies account for an approximate 40% share of the global economy, recognized the importance of cooperation. The structural and regulatory reform currently underway in Japan, and EU integration and enlargement and the introduction of the euro are not only important for Japan but also significant in giving momentum to the global economy. Cooperation in the WTO framework and expansion of mutual investment and trade are also of importance. We welcome greater investment in Japan by European companies.

I warmly welcome President Prodi's visit to Japan in February 2002, and look forward to the opportunity for a frank exchange of opinions.

(After the opening statement, the leaders exchanged copies of the Action Plan for EU-Japan Cooperation, which was adopted during the Summit Meeting.)