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[Title] Letter from Chung Hee Park, Acting President of the Republic of Korea, to Hayato Ikeda, Prime Minister of Japan

[Date] October 19, 1962
[Source] Nihon Gaiko Shuyo Bunsyo Nenpyo (2), pp.423
[Full text]

Dear Mr. Prime Minister:

I have asked Col. Chong Pil Kim, Director of the Central Intelligence Agency of Korea, who is making a brief visit to Japan on his way to the United States, to convey to you my cordial personal greetings.

It is gratifying to note that the growing urge for an early normalization of the relations between Korea and Japan in the interest of the peace and security of the Far East and the unity and solidarity of the free nations has created a favourable mood for the settlement of the pending problems between our two countries.

I think it is our duty to make utmost use of this prevailing atmosphere by bringing the current normalization talks to a mutually satisfactory conclusion.

In this regard, it is my hope that Col. Kim will have opportunities to exchange frank and candid views with you and your associates on various matters of mutual concern and that his visit, though very brief, may prove useful in attaining the above goal.

With warmest personal regards and esteem, I am.

Sincerely yours,

Chung Hee Park

Acting President of the

Republic of Korea

His Excellency

Mr. Hayato lkeda

Prime Minister

Tokyo, Japan