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[Title] Joint Communique between Foreign Minister Lee Tong Won of the Republic of Korea and Ambassador Brown

[Date] August 17, 1964
[Source] Nihon Gaiko Shuyo Bunsyo Nenpyo (2), pp. 519. Hankook woiguo 20 nyon, pp.521-2.
[Full text]

l. Ambassador Brown reaffirmed the traditional friendship of the U.S. Government for Korea and expressed hope that the present Government of Korea would succeed in its efforts to make the process and institutions of constitutional Government effective in maintaining public order and promoting the welfare of the people.

2. The U.S. Government will continue its policy of economic and military support to the Korean Government as stated in the joint Korea - U. S. communique between President Park and Secretary Rusk, even after the relations between Korea and Japan shall have been normalized. The U. S. Government will continue its efforts in safeguarding the sovereignty and economic independence of the Republic of Korea and thereby help enhance the prestige of the Republic of Korea in the world.

3. Economic cooperation between the U. S. Government and the Republic of Korea will be directed at attaining economic viability for Korea, while at the same time promoting financial stability and balanced economic growth.

4. The Ambassador and the Foreign Minister agreed that an early conclusion of the negotiations with the Government of Japan would be of great benefit to Korea, Japan and the free world in general.

The U.S. will assist in appropriate ways in bringing about the earliest possible settlement between the Republic of Korea and Japan. The Ambassador expressed the intention of working closely with the Foreign Ministry in this effort.

5. The Foreign Minister and the Ambassador agreed that efforts will be made to conclude the pending Status of Forces Agreement as soon as possible.