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[Title] Statement by Foreign Minister Masahiko Koumura on the Agreement between the U.S. and North Korea concerning the Suspected Nuclear Facilities in North Korea

[Date] March 17, 1999
[Source] Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
[Full text]

1. Since last year, the U.S. and North Korea have sporadically held negotiations over the issue of suspected nuclear facilities in North Korea. I welcome and highly appreciate the fact that these negotiations have come to an agreement whereby North Korea accepted to provide the United States satisfactory visits to the site at Kumchang-ri.

2. Japan highly appreciates the U.S. efforts which led the consultations to an agreement as a result of painstaking negotiations in close cooperations with Japan and the Republic of Korea.

3. On the issue of North Korea's suspected nuclear facilities, which is one of the concerns that North Korea is posing to the international community, the way has now been paved toward resolving the issue through negotiations. This is highly desirable from the viewpoint of the future relations between North Korea and the countries concerned, including Japan. I hope that North Korea will also deal appropriately with the missile and other issues over which the international community shares concern.