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[Title] Announcement by Chief Cabinet Secretary Mikio Aoki on the Resumption of Chartered Flights between Japan and North Korea

[Date] November 02, 1999
[Source] Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
[Full text]

1. As a result of the missile launch by North Korea on August 31st, 1998, the Government of Japan announced at the beginning of September last year that it would take a series of measures against North Korea. Since then, the Government of Japan, in close contact with the U.S. and the R.O.K., has been strongly urging North Korea to stop launching missiles.

2. Consequently, North Korea announced at the latter half of September this year that it would not launch missile, while talks with the U.S. were continuing. Based on this announcement, the Government of Japan has carefully studied the proper measures to take for further advancing the relationship between North Korea and Japan, the U.S. and the R.O.K.

3. Under Dr. Perry's Approach, North Korea and Japan, the U.S. and the R.O.K. are supposed to reduce "threats" that they perceive in each other. Following the recent announcement by North Korea, the U.S. is making efforts to promote its talks with North Korea based on a firm policy of further improving their bilateral relations. In fact, the next U.S.-North Korea talks are now scheduled for November 15.

4. The Government of Japan, on its side, decided to resume chartered flights, expecting that such a decision will contribute to further strengthening the line of improvement in the U.S.-North Korea relations and Japan-North Korea relations will also go along with the line.

5. From the viewpoint of the safety of civil aviation, the recent announcement by North Korea may be regarded to have removed concerns about the safety for the time being. Thus, the resumption of chartered flights is now possible.

6. The Government of Japan expects that the resumption will further strengthen the ties among Japan, the U.S. and the R.O.K., and intends to continue its efforts to gain positive responses from North Korea.