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[Title] Joint Press Announcement on the 10th Round of Normalization Talks between Japan and North Korea

[Date] August 28, 2000
[Source] Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
[Full text]

The 10th round of normalization talks between Japan and North Korea took place from August 21 to 24 in Tokyo. The talks were attended on the Japanese side by Ambassador Kojiro Takano, head of the Japanese delegation, and on the North Korean side by Roving Ambassador Jong Thae Wha, head of the North Korean delegation.

1. Both sides have had a sincere exchange of views in order to achieve the early establishment of good neighborly relations and friendship, in the spirit of sharing a common wish to improve the bilateral relations and promoting mutual trust between the two sides.

2. Based on the results of the first-ever Foreign Ministerial Meeting between Japan and North Korea held at the end of July in Bangkok, both sides had a frank exchange of views on various issues existing between Japan and North Korea, including the settlement of the past. Both sides also had discussions on facilitating personnel and other interchanges in political, economic, cultural and other fields, with a view to promoting mutual understanding between Japan and North Korea. As a part of these efforts, both sides decided to advance exchanges between their diplomatic authorities. They also reached the common recognition that interchanges between private economic circles on both sides was desirable.

3. Confirming that normalization talks would continue to be advanced, both sides decided to hold the 11th round of normalization talks on October in a third country to be decided on by both sides.