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[Title] Comment by Minister for Foreign Affairs Makiko Tanaka on the Official Stance Conveyed by the Government of the Republic of Korea on the Decision to Authorize Japanese History Textbooks

[Date] May 08, 2001
[Source] Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
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1. In the morning of May 8, the Government of the Republic of Korea conveyed a message to address their official position through Mr. Han Seung-soo, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, to Mr. Terusuke Terada, Japanese Ambassador to the ROK, on the decision by the Government of Japan to authorize history textbooks to be used in Japanese junior high schools from 2002 on.

The tense atmosphere and concern in the ROK over this issue has been conveyed repeatedly to Japan in various forms, and as the person in charge of foreign affairs I take this matter seriously. Japan has made explanations to the ROK on Japan's view on history and its textbook authorization procedure, and it recognizes that the Government of the ROK, taking such Japanese stance into account, formulated its stance after serious and careful considerations. The Government of Japan regards it important to accept this with sincerity and study it closely.

2. Next year we schedule to hold a historic event, the Year of Japan-ROK National Exchange. I regard that it is important for both the governments and the peoples of Japan and the ROK to join their hands for further developing Japan-ROK relations, so that we will build a future-oriented relationship between our two countries and at the same time facing the past squarely.