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[Title] Statement by Mr. Hirofumi Nakasone, Minister for Foreign Affairs, on the Adoption of a Resolution by the United Nations Security Council concerning the Nuclear Test conducted by North Korea

[Date] June 13, 2009
[Source] Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
[Full text]

1. Japan appreciates the adoption of the United Nations Security Council resolution 1874 on Friday, June 12, New York (Saturday, June 13, Japan time), condemning in the strongest terms the nuclear test conducted by North Korea on May 25 and deciding on additional measures to be taken by North Korea and other Member States of the United Nations.

2. Resolution 1874, in addition to the measures in Security Council resolution 1718, which was adopted in response to North Korea’s previous nuclear test in 2006, contains strong measures in the area of prevention of arms transfer, cargo inspection and financial restrictions. Japan will, in cooperation with other countries, expeditiously take appropriate measures so that the resolution will be implemented effectively.

3. Japan strongly urges North Korea to heed the firm message of the international community seriously and comply fully and faithfully with the present and other relevant Security Council resolutions, as well as the Statements by the President of the Security Council. Furthermore, Japan urges North Korea to return to the Six-Party Talks at an early date and make efforts for the full implementation of the Joint Statement of September 19, 2005, and further urges North Korea to take concrete actions towards the resolution of the outstanding issues of concern including the abduction issue.