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[Title] Washington's Comments on Japan's Policy during the Oil Crisis

[Date] November 23, 1973
[Source] Nichibei kankei shiryo-shu 1945-97, pp.888-889. New York Times (Late City Edition), November 24, 1973, p.11.
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WASHINGTON, Nov. 23 (Reuters) - The United States said today that it regretted that Japan had found it necessary to issue a pro-Arab statement urging Israel to withdraw from territories occupied during the war of 1967.

The Japanese Government said in a statement yesterday that depending on future developments, it might have to reconsider its policy toward Israel.

A State Department spokesman, George S. Vest, said that while the United States appreciated the difficulties Japan faced because of a threatened oil embargo from the Middle East, "We regret that the Japanese Government found it necessary to make a statement of this nature."

He said that the United States charge d'affaires in Tokyo, Thomas P. Shoesmith, had expressed this view to the Japanese.