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[Title] Note by which the Government of Pakistan, in pursuance of article 7 of the Treaty of Peace with Japan, signed at San Francisco on 8 September 1951, notified the Japanese Government of those pre-war bilateral agreements between the two countries which Pakistan desires to keep in force or revive.

[Place] Karachi
[Date] April 24, 1953
[Source] United Nations Treaty Collection
[Notes] In accordance with article 7 of the Treaty of Peace with Japan, the agreements listed in the above-mentioned note are considered to have been revived on 24 July 1953, three months after the date of notification.
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Karachi, April 24, 1953

No. FEA/2/21/52

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Commonwealth Relations presents its compliments to the Embassy of Japan in Pakistan and has the honour to refer to Article 7 of the Treaty of Peace with Japan which inter alia provides that each of the Allied Powers, within one year of the coming into force of the Peace Treaty between it and Japan, will notify Japan which of its prewar bilateral treaties or conventions with Japan it wishes to continue in force or revive, and any treaties and conventions so notified shall be considered as having been continued in force or revived three months after the date of notification and shall be registered with the Secretariat of the United Nations.

In accordance with the above provision in the Treaty of Peace with Japan, the Government of Pakistan desires that the following agreements between the Governments of the United Kingdom and Japan to which former British India was also a party, should be revived as between the Government of Pakistan and the Government of Japan.

1. Agreement between the British and Japanese Governments respecting the Tonnage Measurement of Merchant Ships and Exchange of Notes relating thereto, dated London, November 30, 1922.

2. Exchange of Notes dated London, the 27th July, 1923 between the British and Japanese Governments (Abrogation of Ordinances enacted by the Japanese Government to carry the above Agreement into effect).

The Ministry avails itself of this opportunity to renew to the Embassy the assurances of its highest consideration.

The Embassy of Japan in Pakistan