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[Title] Memorandum of Understanding relating to the Agreement between the Government of Japan and the Government of India for the Establishment of a Marine Products Processing Training Centre

[Place] New Delhi
[Date] March 31, 1962
[Source] United Nations Treaty Collection
[Full text]

1. Re Article II, paragraph (2):

(i) It is understood that in the event of any more favourable terms being given to any experts of third countries in similar circumstances the provisions of this Agreement may also be suitably modified.

(ii) It is understood that one camera, one cine-camera and one transistor-radio are also included amongst the items which each member of the Japanese staff is permitted to import free of duty.

2. Re Article V, paragraph (1), subparagraph (b):

It is understood that "incidental facilities" include

i) those facilities which are normally recognized as necessary, for example, drinking tap water, drainage, electric wiring, gas pipe distribution and electric power (200 KW/h at peak) etc.

ii) one air conditioner in the room of the co-director and one air conditioner in the other experts' room, and

iii) electric fans as may be mutually agreed upon.

3. Re Article V, paragraph (1), subparagraph (c):

The term "facilities for landing marine products" shall be interpreted to include

i) sufficient space to moor fishing vessels safely so as to ensure proper unloading of marine products, and

ii) simple and efficient mooring facilities.

4. Re Article V, paragraph (1), subparagraph (e):

It is understood that the Government of India shall provide the Centre with at least two motor vehicles which will be available to the Japanese staff for official use. It is also understood that journeys between the residence of the Japanese staff and the Centre will not be treated as official.

5. Re Article V, paragraph (2), subparagraph (c):

The term "any other running expenses necessary for the operation of the Centre" shall be interpreted to include costs of official travel of the Japanese staff on the same basis as Colombo Plan experts.

New Delhi, the 31st March, 1962