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[Title] Memorandum of Understanding relating to the Agreement between the Government of Japan and the Government of India for the Establishment of Agricultural Demonstration Farms

[Place] New Delhi
[Date] April 23, 1962
[Source] United Nations Treaty Collection
[Full text]

1. Re Article II, paragraph (2):

i) It is understood that in the event of any more favourable terms being given to any experts of third countries in similar circumstances the provisions of this Agreement may also be suitably modified,

ii) It is understood that one camera, one cine-camera and one transistor-radio are also included amongst the items which each member of the Japanese staff is permitted to import free of duty,

iii) It is also understood that official travels under the Colombo Plan shall be interpreted to include:

(a) travels by the Japanese staff for official discussions or meetings when recognised as necessary by the Indian authorities and the Japanese project leader at each of the Farms;

(b) travels by the Japanese staff for extension activities.

2. Re Article V, paragraph (1), subparagraph (c):

"Suitable furnished accommodation for the Japanese staff" is understood to mean such residential accommodation comprising the sitting room, bedroom, bathroom, toilet, kitchen, store room and veranda as befits the status of the Japanese staff. Each accommodation is to be equipped with electricity and water supply facilities wherever possible. Regarding electricity, it is understood that the Government of India shall provide necessary generators where electricity is not available. The term "furnished" shall be interpreted to include a reason able number of fans. A telephone will be provided at the residence of the Japanese project leader wherever possible.

It is also understood that in case the residential accommodation is not ready by the time the Japanese staff arrive in India, the Japanese staff and their families will be accommodated at suitable lodgings at the expense of the Government of India.

3. Re Article VI:

The Government of India shall provide each of the Farms with a fund not less than Rs. 7,000/-(Rs. 12,000/-in the case of the farm at Nadia) for the initial running expenses.

4. Re Article VII:

It is understood that "all technical matters" include planning of the farm management.

5. Re Annex II, (I), (1):

It is understood that a telephone will be provided at the office room of the Japanese project leader wherever possible.

New Delhi, 23rd April, 1962