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[Title] Comments by the Chief Cabinet Secretary on Measures in Response to Nuclear Testing Conducted by India

[Date] May 13, 1998
[Source] International Atomic Energy Agency, Information Circular
[Full text]

1. It is extremely regrettable that India conducted nuclear testing on 11 May, defying the global trend toward a ban on nuclear testing. On 12 May, Minister for Foreign Affairs Keizo Obuchi summoned Mr. Singh, Ambassador of India in Tokyo and expressed our dismay, stating that Japan strongly urges the Indian Government to stop its development of nuclear weapons at an early stage.

2. This nuclear testing by India is a challenge to the efforts by the international society which seeks a world free from nuclear weapons, and can never be tolerated. Japan reiterates its demand that India stop nuclear testing immediately and sign the NPT and the CTBT at an early stage.

3. Therefore, the Government has decided to take the following measures in view of the principle of the ODA Charter:

(1) Grant aid for new projects will be frozen, except emergency and humanitarian aid and Grant Assistance for Grassroots Projects.

(2) The Government will decide on specific measures on yen-loan programs toward India, examining the actions to be taken by the Indian side.

(3) Regarding the India Development Forum (IDF) to be chaired by the World Bank in Tokyo on 30 June and 1 July 1998, the Government will inform the World Bank that Japan wishes to withdraw its intention to host this meeting in Tokyo.

4. Japan is also determined to maintain its strict control on transfers of items and technologies related to weapons of mass-destruction to India.