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[Title] Comments by the Chief Cabinet Secretary on Measures in Response to the Second Nuclear Testing conducted by India

[Date] May 14, 1998
[Source] Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
[Full text]

1. It is extremely regrettable that India conducted two more nuclear tests on 13 May. Taking this situation very seriously, the Government of Japan has reiterated its strong demand to India that nuclear testing and development of nuclear weapons be stopped. This new development, as was also explained in my Comments on 13 May, has forced the Government to consider additional measures in light of the principle of the ODA Charter. The Government has now decided to take the following additional measures.

(1) Yen-loan for new projects to India will be frozen.

(2) The Government will cautiously examine the loans extended to India by international financial institutions.

2. Taking this new development into account, Japan will also make Ambassador to India Mr. Hirabayashi temporarily return to Japan, to discuss the issue. In addition, on the occasion of the G8 Summit Meetings in Birmingham, the Government will propose to G8 members that they strongly urge India to work positively toward the participation in the nuclear non-proliferation regime.