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[Title] PM's speech at the Banquet hosted in the honour of Japanese PM

[Place] New Delhi
[Date] August 22, 2007
[Source] Prime Minister of India
[Full text]

On behalf of the Government and people of India it gives me immense pleasure to welcome you, along with all the distinguished members of your delegation, to India.


Your visit marks a historic milestone in our bilateral relations. Fifty years ago your grandfather, the late Prime Minister Nobusuke Kishi, made his path-breaking visit to India.

That visit laid the foundation of our partnership in the modern era. Today, it is our privilege to welcome you not only as the inheritor of a great legacy, but also as an architect of strong Indo-Japan relations. We deeply appreciate your personal commitment to realizing our common vision of building a strong bilateral relationship of lasting value. We applaud your efforts to make Japan a 'beautiful' country.


Our two ancient cultures have had exchanges as far back as recorded history takes us. We admire the Japanese way, which emphasizes harmony, balance and moderation. We strive to emulate the individual and social attributes that have made Japan the shining light of modern Asia.

You have been a valuable partner in our economic progress and a friend in times of need. Our contemporary bilateral relationship is on the verge of full bloom. Our talks today give us the confidence that the strategic dimension of our relations will be further consolidated in the years ahead.

On the pillars of this strong bilateral relationship, we stand as two major powers ready to play a commensurate global role in dealing with challenges such as terrorism, climate change and energy security.

We believe that a strong and dynamic Japan is a factor of peace and stability in Asia. As two leading democracies of Asia, who share common values, our combined voice can contribute decisively towards the building of a new Asia and a new economic community that is open and inclusive.

We have turned a new page in our ties with the dawn of this century. We have added vitality and depth to our ties through enhanced political understanding, economic partnership, cultural exchange and cooperation in emerging areas such as environment and energy security.

We have today laid out a Roadmap for our future partnership. Let us pledge to walk resolutely on this path and usher in a glorious era in our age-old ties. This is what we owe to our people, and to future generations. We must make up for lost time.


Your inspiring address to our Parliament this morning left a deep impact. A strong India and a strong Japan will work together in harmony and peace to build a perfect partnership.

Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen,

May I now request you to join me in raising a toast to :

- The good health of His Excellency Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and Madame Akie Abe;

- The well-being and prosperity of the friendly peoples of Japan and India; and

- To everlasting friendship between India and Japan.

Thank you.