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[Title] Basic Policy on National Defense(Adopted by the National Defense Council and the Cabinet on May 20, 1957)

[Date] May 20, 1957
[Source] Japan Ministry of Defense
[Full text]

The objective of national defense is to prevent direct and indirect aggression, but once invaded, to repel such aggression, and thereby, to safeguard the independence and peace of Japan based on democracy.

To achieve this objective, the following basic policies are defined:

(1) Supporting the activities of the United Nations, promoting international collaboration, and thereby, making a commitment to the realization of world peace.

(2) Stabilizing the livelihood of the people, fostering patriotism, and thereby, establishing the necessary basis for national security.

(3) Building up rational defense capabilities by steps within the limit necessary for self-defense in accordance with national strength and situation.

(4) Dealing with external aggression based on the security arrangements with the U.S. until the United Nations will be able to fulfill its function in stopping such aggression effectively in the future.