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[Title] Japan-Mekong Region Partnership Program

[Date] January 2007
[Source] Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
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Three Goals

* Enhanced Japan–Mekong Region partnership

* Sustainable economic growth of the Mekong Region

* Life with dignity for the people in the Mekong Region and fulfillment of their potential

Three Priority Areas

(1) Integrate Economies of the Region and Beyond

- Improve socio-economic infrastructure and institutions

- Strengthen regional networks

- Integrate regional economies with ASEAN and East Asian economies

(2)Expand Trade and Investment between Japan and the Region

- Develop legal frameworks (EPA, BIT)

- Improve business environment for trade and investment

- Promote industrial cooperation (OOF, SEZ development, one-village- one-product activity, promotion of

natural rubber industries, etc.)

(3) Pursue Universal Values and Common Goals of the Region

- Share universal values (Democracy, Rule of law, etc.)

- Pursue common goals of the region (Poverty reduction, MDGs, Infectious diseases control, Environment, etc.)

Three New Initiatives

1. Expansion of ODA to the Mekong Region

* Regarding the Mekong Region as a priority area, Japan will expand its ODA to each CLV country as well as to the Region as a whole for the next three years.

* In addition, out of Japan's new assistance totaling US $52 million for promotion of Japan-ASEAN economic partnership, approximately US $40 million will be allocated to the CLMV. Of this amount, approximately US $20 million will be used to assist the CLV “Development Triangle.”

* In order to substantially expand joint assistance projects for the Mekong Region, Japan will consult more closely with the rest of the ASEAN countries.

2. Bilateral Investment Agreements with Cambodia and Lao P.D.R.

Japan will commence negotiations on bilateral investment agreements with Cambodia and Lao P.D.R. In addition, Japan and Lao P.D.R. will newly establish public-private joint dialogue to improve environment for trade and investment.

3. Japan–Mekong Region Ministerial Meeting

Japan proposes to hold a Japan – Mekong Region Ministerial Meeting, inviting relevant ministers from the five Mekong Region countries at an appropriate date in the next fiscal year to further strengthen dialogue between Japan and the Mekong Region.