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[Title] The Year to Bolster Japan and Taiwan’s Special Partnership

[Place] Taipei
[Date] January 20, 2009
[Source] Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China(Taiwan)
[Notes] Press Releases, No.010
[Full text]

The government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) has designated 2009 as the year for bolstering its special partnership with Japan. During the next 12 months, Taiwan will intensify bilateral relations with Japan and will promote dialogue and cooperation in the areas of trade, investment, culture, exchange of students and tourism.

Our two countries enjoy a strong, unique partnership at many levels, including history, culture, economics and security. This foundation of solid friendship has paved the way for interaction between our peoples and has become a driving force for a wide array of bilateral contact in such fields as trade, investment, and politics. To consolidate this special partnership with Japan, the government of Taiwan seeks to foster even more comprehensive relations. With this in mind, Taiwan has designated 2009 as the year for bolstering our special partnership with Japan, thereby demonstrating the government’s decision and determination to enhance Japan-Taiwan relations.

The Taiwan government hopes that the public can understand that the Japan-Taiwan Special Partnership is not just a slogan, as policies will be put into action in the most effective and efficient manner. Our goal is to strengthen mutual understanding and a more comprehensive partnership with Japan by expanding the depth and scope of our bilateral relationship.