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[Title] Joint Statement on Cooperation among Australia, Japan and New Zealand on Development Assistance in the Pacific Region

[Place] Okinawa
[Date] May 17, 2003
[Source] Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
[Full text]

In the context of the issuance of the OKINAWA INITIATIVE, the Regional Development Strategy and Joint Action Plan for a More Prosperous and Safer Pacific, at the 3rd Japan-Pacific Islands Forum Summit Meeting on 16-17 May 2003 in Okinawa, the Governments of Australia, Japan and New Zealand - recognising the priorities agreed by Pacific Island Leaders - have made the following joint statement.

1. Australia, Japan and New Zealand reaffirmed their common resolve to assist Pacific Island countries in meeting their sustainable development priorities recognising that a prosperous and safe Pacific is in all our interests. In this context, the three countries support the OKINAWA INITIATIVE and pledge to work with the Pacific island countries in its implementation.

2. Australia, Japan and New Zealand intend to conduct joint policy dialogues on development issues in the Pacific region. In this connection, the three countries note the importance of the role that the Pacific island countries can play in ensuring effective donor co-ordination.

3. In particular Australia, Japan and New Zealand recognise the importance of effective coordination in the following areas as identified in the OKINAWA INITIATIVE,

(1) Environmental conservation and improvement (such as through improvement in waste management);

(2) Improvement in infrastructure and quality of basic education in the Pacific countries, and enhancement of distance education capabilities of the University of South Pacific;

(3) Combating infectious diseases including HIV/AIDS and SARS;

(4) Promotion of private sector activities in trade and investment; and

(5) Post-conflict reconstruction projects in the Solomon Islands and Bougainville in Papua New Guinea.