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[Title] Press Occasion on North Korea's Missile Launch (Third Occasion on July 29)

[Date] July 29, 2017
[Source] Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet
[Notes] Provisional Translation
[Full text]

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe held a press occasion at the Prime Minister's Office.

In regard to North Korea's missile launch, the Prime Minister said,

"We have held telephone talks at the Foreign Minister level between Japan and the United States and also between Japan and the Republic of Korea (ROK). A telephone talk was also held between Mr. Shotaro Yachi, Secretary General of the National Security Secretariat, and Lieutenant General H. R. McMaster, U.S. National Security Advisor. We reached the recognition that through this launch of an ICBM-class missile, it had become clear that the threat posed by North Korea to both Japan and the U.S. had increased and that this threat had become real.

Japan, the U.S., and the ROK fully agreed that we will intensify pressure going forward, including responses taken through the United Nations Security Council. In addition, we shared the recognition that it is of crucial importance to further strengthen our efforts to urge China going forward.

North Korea's development of ICBMs is a grave and real threat to the security of the international community. Grounded in the strong solidarity of Japan and the U.S., Japan and the ROK, and Japan, the U.S. and the ROK, we will respond in a resolute manner, working in close cooperation with the international community.

There is also the possibility of further provocative actions by North Korea. We will maintain a high level of vigilance and take all necessary measures to ensure the safety of the people."