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[Title] [COVID-19] Press Conference by the Prime Minister on Novel Coronavirus Vaccines

[Date] January 18, 2021
[Source] Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet
[Full text]

(On novel coronavirus vaccines)

First and foremost, vaccination is a decisive factor in our disease control measures. We will commence vaccination by late February at latest. We have been making preparations, also in collaboration with local governments, to smoothly provide the vaccine to those who need it. Thus far, we have advanced our efforts under the authority of the respective ministers in charge, working together as a team under the Prime Minister's Office. Moving forward, in order to strengthen this structure, I have instructed Minister Kono to handle our overall coordination. By doing so, we will do everything in our capacity to deliver safe and effective vaccines to the citizens.

(On the intention behind the appointment of Minister Kono)

As Minister of State for Regulatory Reform, Minister Kono has resolved various issues involving multiple ministries or offices. Because of his ability to handle such matters, I have appointed him to that role.