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[Title] Press Conference by the Prime Minster after the G7 Leaders' Video Conference

[Date] February 20, 2021
[Source] Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet
[Notes] Provisional Translation
[Full text]

(On the G7 Leaders' Video Conference)

During today's G7 meeting, our discussions were primarily centered on tackling COVID-19. I gave a briefing to my counterparts on the infection situation in Japan and Japan's response measures, which were highly evaluated by them. Regarding vaccines, which will play a decisive factor in containing infections, we discussed the importance of distributing them equitably, and we are all in agreement on our approach in that regard.

Also, on the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, I expressed Japan's intention to realize a safe and secure Games this summer as a symbol of humankind overcoming COVID-19. All the G7 leaders supported Japan's commitment towards the matter. It was very encouraging.

It was my first meeting with my G7 counterparts. Each of us, leaders of the nations which hold universal values in common, shared the spirit of working in unity going forward, including on post COVID-19 issues, making it a very inspiring meeting.

(On the G7 leaders' support for holding the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games)

Japan received support from the G7 leaders for pressing forward with the aim of holding a safe and secure Games in the current circumstances, and I found this highly encouraging.

(On whether or not concerns were raised over holding the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games)

There were no concerns voiced whatsoever.

(On the Prime Minister's impression of the G7 Leaders' Video Meeting)

While I have already held one-on-one telephone meetings with each of the G7 leaders, seeing all of us on the same screen for a long time somehow created a sense of collegiality. That was my impression.

(On whether or not there was a reason for the G7 Leaders' Statement expressing support for Japan's commitment to holding the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, instead of expressing support for holding the Games)

No, there was none.