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[Title] Press Conference by the Prime Minister on the Japan-Australia-India-U.S. Leaders' Video Conference

[Date] March 13, 2021
[Source] Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet
[Notes] Provisional Translation
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(On the Japan-Australia-India-U.S. Leaders' Video Conference)

Today I participated in the first-ever summit meeting among the leaders of Japan, Australia, India, and the United States. We agreed to hold substantive discussions on important issues, including responses to the novel coronavirus, and to deepen our cooperation on these issues.

With regard to our measures to tackle the novel coronavirus, we concurred that we will engage in quadrilateral cooperation in various aspects of vaccine assistance for developing countries in the Indo-Pacific region and others. I proposed that in working to realize a free and open Indo-Pacific, we partner with the member countries of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and other organizations. This met with approval from the other leaders. Furthermore, regarding regional issues, I stated that I have serious concerns regarding the situation in Myanmar. I also emphasized that Japan will vigorously oppose China's attempts to unilaterally change the status quo. I also made an appeal to my counterparts that it is essential to have an immediate resolution of the abductions issue. The other Quad countries will be cooperating with Japan on each of these matters.

Moreover, this meeting raised the Quad countries of Japan, the U.S., Australia, and India to a new stage in their relationship. We were all of the same mind that we will hold an in-person summit by the end of 2021. Going forward we will act in firm cooperation so that, with the Quad nations at the center, we succeed in producing truly ambitious and concrete results.

(On future Quad engagement)

We newly created three Working Groups. I expect we will use these Working Groups to advance our engagement in concrete terms. We also agreed to hold an in-person summit by the end of 2021.

(On vaccine assistance for developing countries and others)

As I just mentioned, to assist developing countries in the Indo-Pacific region, the Quad members will consult with each other within our Working Groups and decide how to move forward in concrete terms, and then carry it out. From now, we will be consulting with each other within the Working Groups on specific matters regarding the delivery, inoculation, and so on.