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[Title] Press Conference by the Prime Minister on His State of Mind Six Months since the Inauguration and Other Matters

[Date] March 16, 2021
[Source] Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet
[Notes] Provisional Translation
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(On the Prime Minister's state of mind six months since the inauguration of the Suga Cabinet)

Since assuming office in September, I have done my utmost every day. I feel as if these six monts have gone by in an instant. Amidst these efforts, I have worked on the COVID-19 response with the highest priority, whatever it takes, in order to keep the spread of coronavirus infections in check and enable the citizens to recover at the earliest possible time their day-to-day lives in which they can feel at ease. And, as for policies about which I had personally made pledges upon taking office -- things which we are able to take prompt action to -- for example, mobile phone fees, competition has begun towards fee reductions.

Moreover, we substantially increased the amount of subsidies beginning in January for fertility treatment, and I recently spoke with doctors conducting such treatment. They reported that since the start of this year, there has definitely been a 10 to roughly 20 percent increase in the number of patients.

I believe we have been successful in swiftly delivering such policies to the people. I also intend to engage steadfastly in "digital" and "green" initiatives as well as regional revitalization in order to restore Japan's vitality, economically and otherwise, for growth in the post-COVID19 recovery. I will continue to work hard, taking an approach of producing results regarding these kinds of issues one by one, as the Cabinet that works for the people.

(On dissolving the House of Representatives)

As I have been saying consistently, I am determined to carry out my job duties conscientiously. The term of office is until the autumn, therefore I intend to consider the matter going forward while keeping an eye on the state of affairs.

(On Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Vice Minister for Policy Coordination Taniwaki)

I consider it extremely regrettable that he was subject to disciplinary measures for acting contrary to the National Public Service Ethics Act. Regardless, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications will take forthcoming measures after conducting a thorough investigation that includes third-party inspectors.