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[Title] Press Conference by the Prime Minister on the Handling of the Declaration of a State of Emergency

[Date] August 16, 2021
[Source] Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet
[Notes] Provisional Translation
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(On the handling of the declaration of a state of emergency)

I have just held a meeting of relevant ministers to discuss the measures going forward. With the infections continuing to spread in an unprecedented scale across the nation, we have decided to consult with the experts committee tomorrow over the declaration of a state of emergency and priority measures to prevent the spread of disease in a series of areas. I would particularly like to emphasize that it is extremely important to expand the medical system. Among the measures we discussed are: increasing medical fees for consultation over the telephone for patients recuperating at home in cooperation with local governments; significantly expanding locations where neutralizing antibody treatment can be provided primarily to patients aged 50 or older, as well as younger people with existing symptoms, in addition to 1,000 hospitals nationwide already providing such medical services; and ensuring the further application of this approach at other facilities temporarily used for patients, including the hotel in Tokyo I visited today.