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[Title] Press Conference by the Prime Minister on North Korea's Suspected Launch of Ballistic Missile

[Date] January 27, 2022
[Source] Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet
[Notes] Provisional Translation
[Full text]

(Regarding the information on North Korea's suspected launch of a ballistic missile)

I have been informed of what was reported in South Korea. The Government of Japan will continue to make efforts to collect information. That's all we have confirmed so far.

This sixth launch by North Korea, which I believe is a launch of a ballistic missile, is a violation of the United Nations resolutions. We have lodged a protest and it is extremely regrettable.

(Regarding why the Japanese side did not issue a flash report of the latest missile launch)

That's among the things we are now confirming and gathering information about.

(Regarding possible damage to aircraft, vessels, etc.)

At least to my knowledge, we have not received any reports of such damage. I believe that's also among the things we are now gathering information about.