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[Title] Press Conference by the Prime Minister regarding the Situation in Ukraine

[Date] February 22, 2022
[Source] Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet
[Notes] Provisional Translation
[Full text]

(On how Japan responds to Russia's recognition of the independence of pro-Russian regions in Ukraine, as well as the consideration of economic sanctions in the event of Russia's invasion of Ukraine)

First, the series of Russian actions, including the recognition of the independence of the regions, are an infringement of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity, and are totally unacceptable. Japan strongly condemns these actions. Going forward, Japan will continue to monitor the development of the situation with grave concern and coordinate responses, including sanctions, in cooperation with the G7 as well as the international community.

Responding to your question as to how Japan would respond in the event of an invasion by Russia, I reiterate that we will continue to closely monitor the situation and coordinate strong responses, including sanctions, in cooperation with the G7 as well as the international community.

(On how Japan responds to the U.S. decision to suspend new investment and trade with pro-Russian regions, as well as Japan's own countermeasures)

It is midnight in Europe, but we need to continue to communicate with the G7 nations to collect information and coordinate with each other. As for details you have pointed out, we will coordinate while exchanging information with European and other nations. Japan is ready to make specific decisions while ensuring cooperation with the G7 as well as the international community.

(On whether Russia's latest decision to dispatch forces constitutes an invasion)

The series of Russian actions are a violation of international law. They also run counter to the Minsk Agreement and are therefore unacceptable. We condemn these actions. This is what we have been saying. We will closely monitor the upcoming development. We cannot make any predictions now, but we will continue to respond appropriately.

(On the status of evacuation of Japanese nationals remaining in Ukraine)

We are continuously urging them to evacuate. I have been informed that those who are evacuating are leaving the country, step by step. On the other hand, quite a few number of them are determined to stay, such as those with Ukrainian family members. Tensions are meanwhile intensifying and I have been reported that our local embassy and other channels are continuing to urge them to evacuate.