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[Title] Press Conference by the Prime Minister regarding Summit Telephone Talks with President Steinmeier of Germany and Prime Minister Morawiecki of Poland

[Date] March 2, 2022
[Source] Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet
[Notes] Provisional Translation
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(On the telephone talks held with German President Steinmeier and Polish Prime Minister Morowiecki)

I have just held summit telephone talks with German President Steinmeier and Polish Prime Minister Morowiecki. Firstly, President Steinmeier, and I used to work closely when we served as foreign ministers, and I expressed my congratulations on his recent re-election as President. Then we exchanged views on the current situation in Ukraine and confirmed that we would work together toward further collaboration between the two countries. Then I discussed over the phone with Prime Minister Morowiecki, who was then on the border between Poland and Ukraine. During the telephone talk, I requested cooperation in smooth entry of Japanese nationals in Ukraine into Poland by land, and he stated that his country would extend maximum support. I also expressed Japan's intention to provide emergency humanitarian assistance for the Ukrainian people encountering difficulties and going forward, proceed with acceptance of overseas evacuees. In response, he stated that he would appreciate Japan's contributions. Specifically, as we already announced, Japan will implement emergency humanitarian assistance worth US$100 million to the people of Ukraine facing a national crisis, including evacuees in the neighboring countries, via international organizations. In addition, at this critical juncture for the international community, Japan will express further solidarity with the Ukrainian people by proceeding with acceptance of people who have evacuated from Ukraine to third countries. We assume that we will start with accepting those who have relatives or acquaintances in Japan, but we will go beyond that and respond from a humanitarian perspective. Japan will continue to strengthen collaboration with the G7 as well as the international community as a whole to strongly support Ukraine.