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[Title] Press Conference by the Prime Minister regarding the Japan-India Summit Meeting

[Date] March 19, 2022
[Source] Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet
[Notes] Provisional Translation
[Full text]

(On the Japan-India summit meeting)

I had an in-depth exchange with Prime Minister Modi regarding the Ukraine situation. We spent a long period of time including during a tête-à-tête dinner discussing various matters. I said that Russian aggression is an outrageous act which undermines the very foundation of the order of the international community, including Asia. I urged Prime Minister Modi to extend his cooperation further, including through making diplomatic efforts vis-à-vis President Putin, in order to maintain a free and open international order.

I confirmed several points with Prime Minister Modi, namely, that we should not allow changes of the status quo by force in any region of the world; that we must call for the peaceful resolution of disputes; that we will cooperate in addressing the issue, working towards the immediate cessation of combat and a means to break through the current state of affairs; and that we will provide support in collaboration with Ukraine and its neighboring countries. We also shared the recognition that, given the recent aggression, we must advance the reform of the United Nations Security Council no matter what. We saw eye to eye in our intention for Japan and India to cooperate in creating momentum towards that end. Additionally, I feel that, even though India has close ties to Russia historically, through our talks I ensured more in-depth cooperation with Prime Minister Modi regarding the situation in Ukraine. In light of that, I consider it to have been a truly significant meeting.

(On cooperation and collaboration leading up to the Quad summit meeting to be held in Tokyo among the leaders of Japan, India, Australia, and the United States)

Yes, of course we will be working in cooperation. I confirmed with Prime Minister Modi that unilateral changes to the status quo like the recent aggression against Ukraine are absolutely unacceptable in the Indo-Pacific region, as well as that, precisely because of this situation, we must advance concrete efforts to realize a free and open Indo-Pacific, and towards that end, the Quad countries of Japan, the United States, Australia, and India must work in unison and be engaged in various regional issues. We confirmed that we will further advance our cooperation in a wide range of fields, including regional issues, COVID-19 vaccines, infrastructure, climate issues, and technology, and that, leading up to the Quad meeting, the four Quad countries will also work in close cooperation to address strategic issues facing the region. I feel that during this trip I deepened not only our relations regarding the diplomatic matters we discussed but also my personal relationship of trust with Prime Minister Modi. Taking this as a basis, I wish to work in cooperation with India also in the context of the Quad summit meeting to realize a free and open Indo-Pacific.

(On the G7 summit meeting taking place in Belgium next week)

First of all, a G7 summit meeting is scheduled to convene on the 24th. I myself hope to participate if circumstances allow. I believe the matter of utmost importance is for us to demonstrate G7 unity in response to Russia's aggression towards Ukraine. Beyond that opportunity to display G7 unity, during the meeting itself I hope we will engage in exchanges of information and exchanges of views that are even more in-depth. Regardless, there is still some time before the 24th, and the situation in Ukraine is changing day by day. I plan to engage in concrete and thoroughgoing exchanges during the G7 summit meeting, responding in accordance with the changes in the situation.

(On relations with Prime Minister Modi regarding responses to China)

I believe we are fully in alignment on the point that unilateral changes to the status quo by force should not be allowed in any region of the world. In addition, we are working to advance our efforts to realize a free and open Indo-Pacific through the actions of the Quad, so I expect we are able to discuss such kinds of collaboration and cooperation with India and with Prime Minister Modi in the context of such frameworks. Today's meeting was one of the meetings that made me feel that way.