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[Title] Press Conference by the Prime Minister regarding the NATO Summit Meeting and Other Matters

[Date] June 29, 2022
[Source] Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet
[Notes] Provisional translation
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(On the outcome of his latest visit overseas and agendas)

Today, I attended the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) Summit as the first prime minister of Japan ever to do so. At this meeting, I affirmed the recognition that the security of Europe and that of the Indo-Pacific are inseparable and that unilateral changes to the status quo by force will not be tolerated in any region, and we agreed that we will strengthen our cooperation with NATO, working towards the realization of a Free and Open Indo-Pacific. We also agreed to bring NATO-Japan relations to a new level and to accelerate efforts toward agreeing on a new joint document. Also today, on the sidelines of the NATO Summit Meeting, we held a Japan-U.S.-Republic of Korea (ROK) Summit Meeting. In this meeting, we agreed to continue to work closely together in the framework of the three countries toward the complete denuclearization of North Korea from the perspectives of strengthening regional deterrence, including security cooperation among the three countries, response in the United Nations Security Council and diplomatic efforts. In addition, regarding the abductions issue, I received strong support from the U.S. and ROK. Furthermore, we today held the first quadripartite summit meeting among Japan, Australia, New Zealand and ROK, where we coordinated how we should cooperate with NATO. On top of those meetings, I held bilateral meetings with the Secretary General of NATO and leaders of Spain and Sweden. And my attendance at the NATO Summit Meeting, which was realized in the midst of Russia's aggression against Ukraine and coincided with today's finalization of the new "Strategic Concept" of NATO, is of historic significance. We will strengthen cooperation with like-minded countries and build a solidarity partnership for freedom and democracy that links Europe and the Indo-Pacific.

(On the details of the conversation with President Yoon Suk-yeol of the Republic of Korea (ROK) and plans for a future summit meeting with him)

When I attended a banquet hosted by His Majesty the King Felipe VI of Spain while visiting the country to attend the NATO Summit Meeting, there was a very brief exchange of simple greetings between the leaders of Japan and ROK, and I expressed my expectation that President Yoon will make efforts to put the extremely difficult Japan-ROK relations back on track. In any case, the Government of Japan will seek to restore healthy relations with ROK based on Japan's consistent position through close communication with President Yoon and other ROK officials.