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[Title] Press Conference by Prime Minister Kishida on His Telephone Meeting with President Biden of the United States

[Date] July 9, 2022
[Source] Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet
[Notes] Provisional translation
[Full text]

(On Prime Minister Kishida's telephone meeting with President Biden of the United States)

A short while ago I received a telephone call of condolence from U.S. President Biden, who expressed on behalf of the people of the United States his deep sympathy on the recent passing of former Prime Minister Abe.

During the call, Mr. Biden noted that Mr. Abe was an outstanding leader who led the international community and left a significant legacy on the deepening of Japan-U.S. relations. President Biden then told me, "I stand with you, Fumio, and the people of Japan in your time of mourning."

In response, I expressed my appreciation to Mr. Biden for his condolences and underscored that this despicable and outrageous act that occurred in the midst of an election, the very basis of democracy, is absolutely intolerable.

I also stated that as the sitting prime minister I will fully defend democracy without yielding to violence. Mr. Abe led the Japan-U.S. Alliance to new heights, and I renewed my intention to work to further reinforce the Japan-U.S. Alliance, fulfilling Mr. Abe's cherished desire.