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[Title] Statement of the Council of SCO Heads of State on Countering Radicalization leading to Terrorism, Separatism and Extremism

[Place] New Delhi
[Date] July 4, 2023
[Source] Shanghai Cooperation Organisation
[Full text]

Member States of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO or Organisation),

Adhering to the spirit of mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality, mutual consultation, respect for cultural diversity and the pursuit of common development in the interest of strengthening peace, security and stability in the region,

Reaffirming the commitment to the principles of sovereignty, territorial integrity, noninterference in internal affairs and other provisions of the SCO Charter,

Determined to strengthen SCO law enforcement and security cooperation, promote multilateral cooperation, strengthen coordination at the global, regional and national levels, insist on equal, co-operative, indivisible, comprehensive and sustainable security and counter traditional and non-traditional security challenges and threats,

Noting the provisions of the Shanghai Convention on Combating Terrorism, Separatism and Extremism, the SCO Convention against Terrorism and the SCO Convention on Countering Extremism, the Agreement on Cooperation of SCO Member States in the Field of International Information Security,

Calling upon the international community to strengthen global cooperation to combat terrorist threat, with the UN playing a central role through full implementation of relevant UN Security Council Resolutions and the Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy in accordance with the UN Charter and the principles of international law, without politicization and double standards, respecting the sovereignty and independence of all States and to seek consensus on the adoption of a Comprehensive Convention against International Terrorism,

Reiterating that any act of terrorism is criminal and unjustifiable,

Emphasising the inadmissibility of States using terrorist, separatist and extremist groups and their accomplices to implement particular political and geopolitical goals,

Recognizing that radicalization leading to terrorism, separatism and extremism has become a global problem, the spread of radical ideologies by terrorist groups and their sponsors, including on the Internet, religious intolerance, aggressive nationalism, ethnic and racial discrimination, ideas of fascism and chauvinism, have a negative impact on the minds and world view of primarily young people,

Noting the increase, including during the COVID-19 pandemic, in the use by terrorists and their supporters of the Internet and other information and communication technologies, including social networking platforms, for the dissemination and propaganda of radical ideologies for terrorist purposes, including recruitment and incitement to commit terrorist acts as well as the financing, planning and preparation of terrorist activities,

Reaffirming the leading role of States and their competent authorities in countering radicalization leading to terrorism, separatism and extremism, as well as the importance of efforts made in this direction by international and regional organizations,

Advocating active interaction of the SCO with other interested states, regional and international organizations in this field,

Noting the systematic efforts of the SCO Regional Anti-Terrorist Structure (RATS) to combat radicalization, including through the implementation of the 2022-2024 Programme of Cooperation of the SCO Member States in Countering Terrorism, Separatism and Extremism,

Hereby declare the following:

Member States, while strongly condemning terrorism in all its forms and manifestations, committed by whomever, wherever and for whatever purpose, stress that terrorism should not be associated with any religion, civilisation, nationality or ethnic group.

Member States will further develop cooperation in countering radicalization that leads to terrorism, separatism and extremism, including by sharing experiences and best practices, in accordance with the SCO Charter and generally accepted principles and norms of international law.

Member States will continue to implement the SCO 2022-2024 Programme of Cooperation in Countering Terrorism, Extremism and Separatism and national programmes to counter radicalisation.

Member States will exchange practical experience on how to ensure the security of major international events held on the territory of SCO member states.

Member States advocate promoting regional cooperation to counter radical ideologies that lead to terrorism, separatism and extremism, as well as denying their supporters the means and opportunity to pursue their activities.

Member States will conduct media campaigns at national level to prevent and counter radicalization leading to terrorism, extremism and separatism.

Member States will implement programmes at national level to rehabilitate and reintegrate radicalized individuals into society and prevent their return to radical ideology or terrorist activity.

Member States support the important role of the media, civil society, business community, religious, cultural, educational and other organisations in shaping an environment conducive to preventing and countering radicalization.

Member States advocate strengthening the role of women and youth in countering radicalization.

Member states intend to make joint efforts to block and remove radical and terrorist content from the Internet, initiating the necessary measures against identified individuals and entities in accordance with the domestic laws of SCO Member States.

Member States will continue to cooperate in countering radical ideology and propaganda by promoting ideas of peaceful coexistence of states, respect for religious and cultural diversity, social cohesion and dialogue among civilizations.

New Delhi, 4 July 2023