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[Title] ASEAN Regional Forum Statement on Promoting a People-Centred Approach to Counter Terrorism

[Place] Kuala Lumpur
[Date] July 28, 2006
[Source] Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
[Full text]

The Chairman of the ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF), on behalf of the participating states and organisations, issues the following statement:


The overwhelming majority of people in the region, and around the globe, are peace-loving;

Terrorism, irrespective of its origins, motivations or objectives, constitutes a serious threat to human security, regional and international peace, stability and security. There is no justification, whatsoever, for any act of terrorism which should be unequivocally condemned;

Any measures to counter terrorism in all its forms and manifestations should be consistent with the Charter of the United Nations (UN), international law, including human rights, refugee and humanitarian law, where applicable; United Nations Security Council Resolutions; and UN Conventions and Protocols related to counter-terrorism which individual participating states are a state party to;

Terrorism should not be associated with any religion, culture, race or nationality;

Successfully combating terrorism requires a comprehensive approach, that includes addressing causes and factors conducive to the spread of terrorism without acknowledging these as justifications for terrorist and/or criminal activities;

Supporting initiatives currently undertaken by regional and international organizations on counter terrorism, including efforts to resolve conflicts, promote respect, understanding and tolerance among people of all religions, beliefs and cultures, forms part of the overall ARF efforts to counter terrorism;

Strong cooperation exists within the ARF framework in the fight against international terrorism and desiring to undertake further measures to prevent, disrupt, combat and respond to terrorism;

It is vitally important to engage all levels of society including academia, the media, non-governmental organisations, community groups and other relevant institutions in the efforts against international terrorism;


Implement the principles laid out in this Statement, in accordance with their respective domestic laws and their specific circumstances, with the view to the full implementation of any or all of the following measures:

1. Identifying counter terrorism strategies and measures that promote greater tolerance, understanding, conflict resolution including inter-cultural dialogues, as well as those aimed at winning the "hearts and minds" of the people and their unequivocal condemnation of terror in all its forms and manifestations and regardless of its alleged motives in order to ensure their effectiveness;

2. Inculcating people's awareness of the threat from terrorism to their safety and well-being and enhancing preparedness in their response to the threat;

3. To undertake all necessary measures in accordance with international law;

4. Developing initiatives and programmes, in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations, international laws and relevant rules of procedure of the United Nations, to promote public participation in counter terrorism measures, by, encouraging the comprehensive input of academia, media, non-governmental organizations, community groups and other relevant institutions;

5. Strengthening information sharing, exchange of best practices and joint-capacity building efforts on both preventive measures and emergency response mechanisms;

6. Identifying ways to enhance partnerships between, and among participating states, with international organizations, regional fora and other relevant institutions to promote the above measures in the efforts to counter terrorism; and

7. Reviewing the progress on these efforts to further strengthen cooperation to counter terrorism.

Kuala Lumpur

28 July 2006