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[Title] The ASEAN Troika, Terms of Reference Adopted at the 33rd AMM

[Place] Bangkok
[Date] July 25, 2000
[Source] ASEAN Secretariat
[Full text]

1. Background

At the 3rd ASEAN Informal Summit in Manila on 28 November 1999, the ASEAN Heads of State/Government agreed to the proposal of Prime Minister Chuan Leekpai of Thailand that the ASEAN Troika be constituted as an ad hoc body at the ministerial level in order that ASEAN could address more effectively and cooperate more closely on issues affecting regional peace and stability.

2. Purposes and Principles

2.1 The purpose of the ASEAN Troika is to enable ASEAN to address in a timely manner urgent and important regional political and security issues and situations of common concern likely to disturb regional peace and harmony. By helping ASEAN to be more responsive to the growing interdependence between the countries of Southeast Asia, the ASEAN Troika would serve to elevate ASEAN cooperation to a higher plane and further serve to enhance ASEAN's unity and solidarity, as well as its overall effectiveness.

2.2. The ASEAN Troika would be constituted as and when the situation warrants.

2.3. The ASEAN Troika shall carry out its work in accordance with the principles enshrined in the ASEAN treaties and agreements, including the Treaty of Amity and Cooperation in Southeast Asia (TAC), and in particular the core principles of consensus and non-interference.

3. Organizational Matters

3.1 Composition

The ASEAN Troika would comprise the Foreign Ministers of the present, past and future chairs of the ASC, which would rotate in accordance with the ASC Chairmanship. However, if the situation warrants, the composition of the ASEAN Troika could be adjusted upon the consensus of the ASEAN Foreign Ministers.

3.2 Scope

The ASEAN Troika, which is a body to support and assist the ASEAN Foreign Ministers, is not a decision-making body. It is not intended to represent ASEAN beyond the issues assigned by the ASEAN Foreign Ministers. In carrying out its tasks, the ASEAN Troika shall refrain from addressing issues that constitute the internal affairs of ASEAN member countries.

3.3 Procedures

3.3.1 Should an issue or situation arise which is likely to disturb regional peace and harmony and which has the potential to affect ASEAN in political or security terms and requires collective action by ASEAN, the ASEAN Foreign Ministers, upon the request of the ASC Chairman or any other ASEAN Foreign Minister, could, on the basis of consensus, establish an ASEAN Troika and determine its mandate.

3.3.2 In discharging its mandate, the ASEAN Troika would report and make recommendations to the ASEAN Foreign Ministers.

3.3.3 Subject to the provisions in paragraph 3.1, the ASC Chairman would be the Chairman of the ASEAN Troika.

3.3.4 The ASEAN Troika may meet as often as necessary.

3.3.5 The ASEAN Troika would meet all the expenses involved in its activities.