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[Title] Japan-ASEAN Commemorative Summit (Japan's ODA to ASEAN)

[Date] December 15, 2013
[Source] Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
[Full text]

Japan to Provide Official Development Assistance of 2 Trillion Yen to ASEAN Countries over 5 Years

Mainly for the Two Pillars of "Enhancing Connectivity" and "Narrowing the Development Gap" toward ASEAN Integration in 2015

* Enhancing Connectivity:

Assistance for Connectivity and Infrastructure to be newly Expressed/Signed

Introduce high-quality and resilient infrastructure mobilizing Japan's expertise and technologies (Emphasizing safety measures, disaster management, environment and maintenance)

- Promoting assistance for transportation infrastructure, such as East-West and Southern Corridors, railways, ports and airports, as well as harmonized systems

* Narrowing the Development Gap:

Steady Implementation of Tokyo Strategy 2012 for Mekong-Japan Cooperation

- Promoting assistance to CLMV countries (Around 200 billion yen for four countries in total to be expressed/signed)

* Disaster Management: Strengthening ASEAN-Japan Disaster Management Cooperation

Assistance for Disaster Management (300 billion Yen) and Training of Personnel (1,000 personnel) over 5 Years

- High-quality and resilient infrastructure development on disaster management mobilizing Japan's expertise and technologies (e.g. river improvement, flood management, resilient roads and bridges)

- Capacity development on disaster risk management (e.g. Assistance on observation and early warning) and disaster risk finance (Stand-by Yen Loan Credit for Disaster Recovery)

- Enhancement of ASEAN-Japan disaster management network (e.g. Strengthening AHA Center: disaster risk evaluation, ASEAN disaster logistic emergency system and connectivity within ASEAN and in space)

* Maritime Safety

- Assistance for capacity building of maritime safety response (e.g. Provision of patrol vessels, equipment, and capacity

building ), Assistance for creating ASEAN harmonized standards on maritime traffic

* Rule of Law

- Capacity development on legal professionals, support for legal system reform, development of economic and business laws (e.g. Promoting projects to strengthen legal framework and implementation on intellectual property law, competition law and customs law, etc.)

* Global Health: ASEAN as Priority Area for Universal Health Coverage (UHC)

Working Together with ASEAN Countries to Attain UHC by Mobilizing Japan's Excellent Medical Technologies and Health Systems

- Improving health service availability (e.g. Capacity building, basic health facilities/medical devises and communicable diseases control (Utilizing Japan's contribution amounting to 800 million USD in the coming years to the Global Fund))

- Strengthening health and financing (e.g. Development/expansion of public health insurance systems, strengthening public administration and health information systems, etc.)

- Promoting innovative technologies and systems addressing aging society and non-communicable diseases through public-private partnership (e.g. Emergency and critical care center, medical equipment etc.)

* Assistance for Women

- Facilitating women's active participation in society and women's empowerment (e.g. Support for increasing the enrollment rate of girls and providing vocational training), maternal and child health (e.g. Maternal and child health center, maternal and child health handbook), support for victims of human trafficking