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[Title] Agreement between the Polish People's Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany concerning the Basis for Normalization of Their Mutual Relations (Treaty between west Germany and Poland on the Normalization of Mutual Relations)

[Date] December 7, 1970
[Source] Modern International Relations: Basic Documents, Volume 1, Kajima Institute of International Peace, pp.703-705.
[Notes] Signed: 7 December 1970
[Full text]

The Polish People's Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany,

Considering that more than 25 years have passed since the end of the Second World War, which claimed Poland as its first victim and brought great suffering to the peoples of Europe,

Mindful of the fact that a new generation has since grown up in the two countries and must be assured a peaceful future,

Desiring to create a lasting basis for peaceful coexistence and the development of normal, good relations between them,

Endeavouring to strengthen peace and security in Europe,

Conscious of the fact that the inviolability of the frontiers of all European States and respect for their territorial integrity and sovereignty within their present frontiers are a basic condition for peace,

Have agreed as follows:

Article 1 1. The Polish People's Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany agree that the existing frontier line, which, in accordance with Chapter IX of the decisions of the Potsdam Conference of 2 August 1945, runs from the Baltic Sea immediately west of Swinoujscie along the Odra (Oder) River to the point junction with the Nysa Luzycka (Lausitzer Neisse) River and along the Nysa Luzycka (Lausitzer Neisse) River to the frontier with Czechoslovakia, constitutes the western State frontier of the Polish People's Republic.

2. They confirm the inviolability of their existing frontier, now and hereafter, and pledge absolute respect for each other's territorial integrity.

3. They declare that they have no territorial claims against each other and will advance none in the future.

Article 2 1. The Polish People's Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany shall, in their mutual relations and in matters relating to the safeguarding of security in Europe and throughout the world, be guided by the purposes and principles set out in the Charter of the United Nations.

2. Accordingly, they shall, in conformity with Article 1 and 2 of the Charter of the United Nations, settle all disputes between them exclusively by peaceful means and refrain from the threat or use of force in matters affecting European and international security and in their mutual relation.

Article 3 1. The Polish People's Republic and the Federal Republic of Germany shall take further steps to ensure the complete normalization and comprehensive development of their mutual relations, for which this Agreement shall provide a lasting basis.

2. They agree that expanded cooperation between them in the matter of economic, scientific, technical, cultural and other relations is in their mutual interest.

Article 4 This Agreement shall be without prejudice to any bilateral or multilateral international agreements which the Parties have previously concluded or which affect them.

Article 5 (Ratification and Entering into Force) (...)