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[Title] Closing Statement by Mr. Seiji Maehara Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan At the Aichi-Nagoya Ministerial Meeting of the REDD+ Partnership

[Place] Nagoya
[Date] October 26, 2010
[Source] Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
[Full text]

We have had a variety of valuable opinions expressed by the participants. I would like to point out several important proposals suggested during the discussions.

First of all, there exist various assistance needs depending on the circumstances of each country. Accordingly, the actual assistance to be extended requires close and careful consideration so as to match those needs. We should share information and knowledge, promote regional and south-south cooperation, and cooperate towards acquiring and disseminating technologies for monitoring.

Secondly, some participants raised the necessity of setting up a mechanism that would swiftly provide the required funds. By learning from the experience of the existing financial mechanisms, we should look into ways to promote the involvement of private sector finance. Seeking appropriate public-private partnerships as well as strengthening collaboration between bilateral and multilateral efforts is essential to this end.

In addition, as a cross-sectoral matter, enhancing transparency continues to be important. Many of you supported the idea of improving databases and communication tools to promote information and knowledge sharing, as well as expanding information delivery to various stakeholders, including the private sector.

Further, Germany on behalf of some developed countries including Japan made an encouraging statement that they continue to support the operation of REDD+ Partnership in 2011 and 2012.

Hereafter, it is necessary to enhance the quality of REDD+ activities and to aim to make them feasible and measurable. In this regard, the Partnership will play a significant role. I would like us to continue our efforts in close cooperation with all partners to finalize the work program for 2011-2012 by COP16 in Cancun.