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[Title] Statement by H.E.Mr.Koichiro Gemba Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan The Fourth Ministerial Meeting Friends Yemen

[Date] 27 September , 2012
[Source] Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
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(Efforts toward Democratization)

First of all, Japan would like to express its gratitude to the Governments of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom for convening this meeting. Japan wholeheartedly welcomes the Presidential election in February in which President Hadi was elected and will continually assist a series of reforms which President Hadi is conducting. Japan also values Yemen’s steady progress toward the National Dialogue and strongly hopes that, through such dialogue, the Yemeni people will achieve reconciliation and that all Yemenis will be united to work together for a nation-building.

Japan provided about US$ 1.14 million to assist the presidential election which served as the first step for the stability of Yemen. Moreover, Japan will contribute to a smooth implementation of the next presidential and parliamentary election including through the provision of training programs for vice chairpersons of the Supreme Commission for Elections and Referendum in this fiscal year.

(Improvement of Security)

Japan values President Hadi’s proactive efforts to fight against terrorism. We expect the Government of Yemen to further exert its efforts to restore security so that it becomes possible for Japan to assist Yemen’s reform efforts in a full- fledged and active manner through resumption of the bilateral assistance.

In the field of security, Japan has been multiplying its efforts on anti-piracy and anti-maritime terrorism activities. Since Fiscal Year 2008 Japan has been providing training programs for Yemen Coast Guard officials in Japan, and 3 senior officials will also participate in the said program in this fiscal year as well. As for the provision of patrol vessels that the Government of Yemen has strongly requested, Japan is ready to consider dispatching a investigative mission once improvement of the security situation is confirmed.

(Humanitarian Contributions to Stability)

Japan recognizes that Yemen is in a critical situation as many Yemeni people are suffering from serious poverty and food shortages. To ensure security, it is important that people can actually feel their standard of living is being improved and can cherish hopes for tomorrow through mitigating poverty and social disparity. We should never allow a sense of despair to lead people to extremism.

Japan swiftly responded to an urgent humanitarian aid appeal issued by the UN-OCHA, and extended humanitarian assistance totaling US$ 23.3 million. Our assistance amounts to approximately 7% of the total aid provided by all donors who responded to the appeal.

Today, I am honored to announce that Japan provides additional US$ 3 million to reduce malnutrition of children through Japan Social Development Fund in the World Bank. To address the dire humanitarian situation, Japan is ready to extend additional food assistance. Moreover, for the purpose of enhancing Yemen’s aid absorbing capacity, Japan will also provide training for 10 government officials working on aid activities.

We expect that such assistance of Japan will contribute to improvement of people’s livelihood, thereby leading to the stability in Yemen.

We strongly hope that Yemen, a nation in which a peaceful power transition is underway, will become a stable regional power in the Middle East and North Africa. Towards this end, Japan will continue to actively support Yemen.

Thank you.