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[Title] Statement by the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Japan on the Additional Measures Imposed on Russia in Connection with the Ukraine Situation

[Date] September 25, 2014
[Source] Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
[Full text]

1. Where the situation in Ukraine is concerned, the unstable situation in Eastern Ukraine has further deteriorated since late August as a result of inflows of weapons and combatants from Russia and cross-border bombardments as well as the incursion of the Russian forces into Ukraine's territory. Although a cease-fire agreement was reached recently, seperatist forces have expanded the occupied territory, and some Russian troops are considered to remain in Eastern Ukraine. Thus, there is no clear evidence that Russia has ceased its attempts to destabilize the situation in Ukraine.

2. These attempts to change the status quo through force constitute serious violation of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity and cannot be ignored by the Government of Japan, which attaches importance to the rule of law.

3. Based on the current situation related to Ukraine, the Government of Japan has decided to adopt the following new measures:

(1) examination procedures for exports of arms and dual-use goods for military use to Russia will be tightened.

(2) designated Russian banks and their subsidiaries will be prohibited from issue of their securities in Japan.

4. The Government of Japan calls on Russia to act constructively to peacefully resolve the situation in full respect of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity, based on the ceasefire agreement. If Russia takes positive and clear action for a peaceful resolution of the Ukraine crisis, the Government of Japan is prepared to amend or lift the measures imposed based on this decision.