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[Title] Statement by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

[Date] November 1, 2017
[Source] Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet
[Notes] Provisional Translation, Cabinet Decision
[Full text]

Based on the results of the general election just held, today I have come to continue to shoulder the weighty responsibilities of the prime minister.

With regard to the tense North Korea situation and the rapidly progressing aging of society and falling birthrate, I will face up to these matters, which should also be called national crises, and defend this nation until the end. In accordance with that determination, during the recent general election campaign, I appealed to the public about our policies and succeeded in receiving strong support from the public.

On the basis of a stable political foundation, I will adopt a more humble posture than before and put forth every effort to conduct sincere government administration while executing one by one the policies pledged to the public during the general election campaign, and I will generate results.

Through a productivity revolution, we will make the force of wage increases even more powerful in every corner of the nation and aim to pull out of deflation. We will review the way consumption tax revenues are used and carry out a human resources development revolution. By boldly investing in families with small children and in children, we will transform the social security system into one that is oriented to all generations.

We will undertake a productivity revolution and a human resources development revolution in tandem to overcome our aging society and dwindling birthrate, both of which are progressing rapidly.

With regard to the tense North Korea situation as well, against a background of public trust, we will develop robust diplomacy while acting in cooperation with the international community. Through our resolute diplomatic capacity, we will resolve the North Korean nuclear and missile issues as well as the abduction issue. And, we will safeguard to the end the lives and the peaceful daily lives of the Japanese people under any circumstances.

Never forgetting the initial enthusiasm we had upon retaking control of the reins of government five years ago, in order to live up to the public’s trust, I am determined to push forward in executing our policies with the Cabinet working together as one.

I ask once more for the understanding and cooperation of the public towards the new efforts to be made by the Abe Cabinet.