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[Title] Speech by Prime Minister KISHIDA Fumio at the Japan-Finland Co-hosted Event "Societal Impacts of Digitalization - Toward the society of Beyond 5G/6G"

[Date] May 11, 2022
[Source] Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet
[Notes] Provisional translation
[Full text]

I am KISHIDA Fumio, the Prime Minister of Japan.

Thank you all for coming to today's seminar, entitled "Societal Impacts of Digitalization - Towards the society of Beyond 5G/6G." We also have the honor of having H.E. Ms. Sanna Marin, Prime Minister of the Republic of Finland in attendance.

Japan and Finland have long had a remarkably cordial relationship, and in fact, in 2019 we celebrated 100 years of diplomatic relations. To say Finland is equal to saying the closest neighbor Japan has within Europe.

While the world changes with every moment, we wish to take the valuable opportunity of Prime Minister Ms. Marin's visit to Japan to further enhance the relationship between Japan and Finland.

○Currently, the Kishida cabinet is working to put forth a "Growth Strategy," for achieving "new capitalism." We particularly want to put great emphasis on digitalization, that, we believe, can provide solutions for overcoming social crises and serve as an engine for the economic growth of Japan.

In this regard, we are working on improving digital infrastructure all over the country, resolving local issues through digital implementation, and supporting the overseas development of open and secure 5G networks.

Moreover, we believe that the power of "Science, Technology and Innovation" is essential for turning social challenges into engines of growth. We especially take achieving the early and smooth introduction of "Beyond 5G," which is synonymous with next generation mobile communication systems, as a crucial issue which will become a foundation for future industry and social activities in Japan.. For this objective, we are promoting the research and development of revolutionary technologies, including photonic and optoelectronic technologies.

Meanwhile, cooperation on "Beyond 5G" with like-minded countries is becoming increasingly important as it will be a system that is keenly related to the protection of human rights, which represent the very foundation of democracy, and moreover, discussions concerning its standardization will arise at international bodies.

Japan and Finland have long held discussions on bilateral cooperation in the areas of science and technology, starting with a summit meeting in 1987. Last year, we strengthened our bilateral collaboration on "Beyond 5G," including a Memorandum of Understanding on industry, academia and government projects. We look forward to further promoting such bilateral cooperation through this event.

Next year, Japan will hold the G7 presidency. We promise to make a great effort to demonstrate strong leadership in a range of areas including the digital field. Thank you very much for your attention.