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[Title] Policy Speech by Prime Minister KISHIDA Fumio to the G20 Bali Summit side-event on Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment

[Date] November 15, 2022
[Source] Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet
[Notes] Provisional translation
[Full text]

I welcome this event being held.

Infrastructure is the foundation of a country's development. Quality infrastructure investment promoted by the Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment is essential to realize Indonesia's G20 theme, "Recover Together, Recover Stronger."

Japan aims to mobilize more than 65 billion USD of infrastructure assistance and private finance over the next five years.

A clear example of the quality infrastructure investment promoted by Japan is the Patimban Port Development Project in Indonesia. Through the construction of a port with yen loans and the operation of a car terminal by a Japanese company, the project is alleviating the current port congestion situation, and is helping to further improve the environment for investment in Indonesia.

Japan's assistance transfers advanced technologies to local population and develops human resources. Through the construction of metros in India, the people of India themselves built up institutions that are capable of operating in safe and accurate manner and conducting maintenance and management through Japan's assistance.

Clean infrastructure development also contributes to addressing the challenges of the climate change. In Kenya, we are supporting the construction and the renovation of geothermal power generators whose power generation capacity are equivalent to about one-seventh of the country's total capacity.

We also welcome the launch of the Just Energy Transition Partnership with Indonesia, which will support Indonesia's efforts toward the 1.5 degree climate goal. Japan will continue to lead this Partnership as a co-lead country, together with the United States, and will accelerate Indonesia's realistic and ambitious decarbonization transition, with further engagement of the private sector.

In the digital sector, Australia has been working to support the development of a telecommunication company covering six Pacific Island countries. Japan and the United States are going to support this initiative.

It is important that infrastructure development and development finance to that end are carried out in line with "the G20 Principles for Quality Infrastructure Investment," in a transparent and fair manner adhering to international rules and standards.

Japan is determined to further promote the quality infrastructure investment under the next year's Japanese G7 Presidency and to support the self-sustaining growth of each country working with partner countries.