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[Title] Address by Prime Minister Kishida at the Closing Session of the First Meeting of the International Group of Eminent Persons for a World without Nuclear Weapons (IGEP)

[Date] December 11, 2022
[Source] Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
[Notes] Provisional translation
[Full text]

I have just been briefed by the members of the International Group of Eminent Persons for a World without Nuclear Weapons (IGEP) on what was discussed during the two-day meeting.

I am glad to hear that the meeting was very successful and the members had a frank and candid exchange of views on challenges that should be addressed by governments and the international community based on a careful analysis of the current severe international situation. It is my view that the meeting truly lined up with its purpose of the IGEP, which is to promote IGEP, candid discussions among experts from both nuclear and non-nuclear-weapon States regardless of their respective national positions.

I will carefully review what was discussed during the two-day meeting for the way forward as a conference in considering what should be done for the future.

Furthermore, it was very encouraging to receive powerful messages toward a world without nuclear weapons from political leaders who has the same aspiration as me such as former U.S. President Obama, German President Steinmeier, Australian Prime Minister Albanese and UN Secretary-General Guterres.

I have also heard that the IGEP members visited the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum and attentively listened to a lecture given by Ms. YAHATA Teruko, who suffered the atomic bombing when she was eight years old. I believe that it was very meaningful that the IGEP members were able to deepen their understanding of the reality of the atomic bombing.

As the global security environment becomes increasingly severe and the threat of the use of nuclear weapons increases and the division of the international community further deepens, we are facing the harsh reality of nuclear disarmament. Despite this harsh reality, I have continued, as Prime Minister form Hiroshima, to work to renew and foster the momentum of the international community for the advancement of nuclear disarmament.

To realize a world without nuclear weapons, it is important to promote realistic and practical efforts and to foster the momentum of the international community. I hope that the IGEP members will deepen their discussions on concrete measures to bring the harsh "reality" closer to the "ideal" and achieve meaningful outcomes, with an eye on the next NPT Review Conference.

At the G7 Hiroshima Summit, which Japan will host as G7 chair next year, the Government of Japan hopes to deepen discussions so that we can send a strong message toward a world without nuclear weapons. We will also take realistic and practical steps in line with the "Hiroshima Action Plan."

Once again, let me express my appreciation for your cooperation today. Thank you very much.