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[Title] National Statement (Commitment) Video Message by Prime Minister Kishida on the Occasion of the Third Summit for Democracy

[Date] March 20, 2024
[Source] Cabinet Public Affairs Office, Cabinet Secretariat
[Notes] Provisional translation
[Full text]

On the occasion of the third Summit for Democracy, I would like to reiterate Japan's unwavering commitment to democracy.

Japan has been steadily implementing its previous commitments from the standpoint of emphasizing universal values, including democracy.

First, toward a more transparent government, Japan has been steadily implementing highly transparent Official Development Assistance and support for the establishment of laws and regulations as well as judicial institutions and human resource development overseas.

Second, toward stronger democracy, Japan has provided capacity building assistance and equipment for democratic elections overseas. For example, we recently dispatched election observer missions to Bangladesh and Pakistan for their general elections. We also invited Cambodian youths involved in politics from the ruling and opposition parties to Japan.

Third, in the area of "Business and Human Rights," we have formulated cross-industry guidelines for businesses, decided on a government policy on human rights considerations in public procurement, and are promoting efforts to respect human rights in the supply chains of Japanese companies, including those overseas.

We will also lead global efforts to achieve the empowerment of women and girls and work on further gender mainstreaming.

Although the consolidation of democracy cannot be achieved overnight, we believe that such efforts will lay the foundation for a peaceful, stable and prosperous society in which human dignity is protected.

Today's democracy is particularly indispensable for protecting the future of children and young people, who will lead the next generation.

Aiming to realize a "Children-Centered Society," Japan recognizes children and youth as subjects of rights, guarantees their rights, and is committed to promoting their best interests now and in the future, while respecting their viewpoints, listening to their opinions, and engaging with them in dialogue.

We will also make every effort to support children in vulnerable situations around the world so that no child is left behind and children can grow up healthy, go to school, and enjoy their rights.