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[Title] Treaty Between the United States of America and the Empire of Japan (Japan-US Additional Treaty, Shimoda Treaty)

[Place] Simoda
[Date] June 17, 1857
[Source] Kyujoyakuisan, Dai 1 kan, Kakkokunobu, Dai 1 bu, pp. 9-12.
[Notes] 26th day of 5th month, 4th year of Ansei
[Full text]

Concluded at Simoda, in Japanese, English and Dutch, June 17th, 1857; (26th day of 5th month, 4th year of Ansei).

For the purpose of further regulating the intercourse of American citizens within the Empire of Japan, and after due deliberation, His Excellency Townsend Harris, Consul-General of the United States of America for the Empire of Japan, and Their Excellencies Ino-oo-ye, Prince of Siuano, and Nakamura, Prince of Dewa, Governors of Simoda, all Laving full powers

from their respective Goveruments, have agreed on the following articles, to wit:-


The port of Nagasaki, in the priucipality of Hizen, shall be open to American vessels, where they may repair demages, procure water, fuel, provisions, and other necessary articles, even coals, where they are obtainable.


It being known that American ships coming to the ports of Simoda and Hakodate cannot have their wants supplied by the Japanese, it is agreed that American cifcizens may permanently reside at Simoda and Hakodate, and the Government of the United States may appoint a Vice-Consul to reside at Hakodate.

This article to go into effect on the fourth day of July, eighteen hundred fifty eight.


In settlement of accounts the value of the money brought by the Americans shall be ascertained by weighing it with Japanese coin, (gold and silver itsuebues), that is, gold with gold, aud silver with silver, or weights representing Japanese coin may be used, after such weights have been carefully examined and fouud to be correct. The value of the money of

the Americans having been thus ascertained, the sum of six per cent shall be allowed to the Japanese for the expense of recoinage.


Americans committing offenses in Japan shall be tried by the American Consul-General or Consul, and shall be punished according to American laws. Japanese committing offenses against Americans shall be tried by the Japanese autborities, and punished according to Japanese laws.


American ships which may resort to the ports of Simoda, Hakodate, or Nagasaki, for the purpose of obtaining necessary supplies, or to repair damages, shall pay for them in gold or silver coin, and if they have no money, goods shall be taken in exchange.


The government of Japan admits the right of his excellency the cousul-general of the United States to go beyond the limits of seven ri, but has asked him to delay the use of that right, except iu cases of emergency, shipwreck &c., to which he has assented.


Purchases for his excellency the cousul-general, or his family, may be made by him only, or by some member of his family, and payment made to the seller for the same without the intervention of any Japanese official, and for this purpose Japanese silver and copper coin shall be supplied to his excellency the consul-general.


As his Excellency, the consul-general of the United States of America has no knowledge of the Japanese language, nor their excellencies, the governors of Simoda a knowledge of the English language, it is agreed that the true meaning shall be found in the Dutch, version of the articles.


All the foregoing articles shall go into effect from the date hereof, except article two, winch shall go into effect on the date indicated in it.

Done in quintuplicate, (each copy being in Euglisli, Japanese, and Dutch,) at the Goyoso of Simoda, on the seventeenth day of June, in the year of the Christian era eighteen hundred and fifty seven, and of the Independence of the United States of America the eighty-first, corresponding to the fourth Japanese year of Ansei, Mi, the fifth month, the twenty sixth day, the English version being signed by his excellencey{sic}, the consul general of the United States of America, aud the Japanese version by their excellencies, the governors of Simoda.