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[Title] The Charter Oath

[Date] March 14, 1868
[Source] Kunaicho Shoryobu, Daijokanshochokuroku, Keihokyoku.
[Notes] Translation by Akihiko Tanaka.
[Full text]

1. Deliberative Assemblies shall be widely established and all matters shall be decided by public discussion

2. All people, high and low, shall unite their minds to conduct the affairs of the state.

3. All people, civil and military classes as well as commoners, shall be encouraged to achieve their respective wishes so as not to keep them frustrated.

4. Old, corrupt customs shall be abolished and everything shall be based on the just way of nature.

5. Knowledge shall be sought throughout the world so as to strengthen the foundations of imperial rule.

In order to implement reforms unprecedented in our country, I, ahead of the people, pray to gods of heaven and earth and decree these national principles in order to establish the way of security for all. So, my people, based on this intention of mine, make efforts cooperatively among yourselves.